About AINA

Providing a single voice on waterway management and operation.

AINA was set up in 1996 with strong encouragement from government to provide, for the first time ever, a single voice for waterway management and operation.

The broad purpose of AINA is to facilitate the management and development of inland waterways as an economic, environmental, and social resource.

AINA’s key strategic objectives are to:

  • represent the collective views of navigation authorities to Government, regulators, other policy makers, funders and stakeholders;
  • provide information, advice and good practice for the management, operation and development of inland waterways for navigation and wider use.

AINA defines 'inland waterways' as including all navigable and operational, non-tidal channels including rivers, canals and lakes, and all associated land and assets such as lock sites, towpaths and amenity areas - in other words any land which has an impact on, or relationship with an operational waterway.  These inland waterways may be in public ownership, have public access, or be privately owned; but all will have the potential to be part of the navigation impact zone.